Do You Consider Yourself a Tea Enthusiast?

As you have sat with your hands wrapped around a hot cup of tea, have you ever wondered where it came from, why it tastes so delicious, and why it makes you feel so wonderful?

If so, you need to treat yourself to a
Total Tea Experience

Your 90-minute Total Tea Experience begins with a private museum tour, personally conducted by owner Tony Saville. Tony possesses a vast knowledge of tea and its proper preparation so as to brew the finest taste, as well as the history and origination of a variety of the teapots you will see.

Please ask him questions...he SO enjoys your interest!

You will then be seated comfortably and quaintly, linen napkins upon your lap, surrounded by antiques with a gorgeous hardwood floor over a century old under your feet.

Prepare to be treated to top-notch spoiling by Tony himself as he prepares, then serves you, his proper English tea and scrumptious warm scones with cream...heavenly!

We won't tell you anymore...but we promise you will leave and want to return to share this unique experience with your friends. Gift Cards Available.

~ By Appointment Only ~
Contact Tony Today to Book Your Experience

The Tea Potter, a unique museum and the perfect charming location to hold your small event, is nestled quietly On The Square in Downdown Belton, and convenient to Greenville, Anderson and surrounding areas.